Department of Languages2


The Department of Languages at BAMKC, Garhshankar unveils its students the world of English, Punjabi and Hindi languages. It is one of the finest and vibrant Departments in the college. Earlier these three languages

Departments were working separately but in January 2021 Principal Dr. Baljit Singh Khehra amalgamated these Departments and united into one as he believes on Johan Wolfgang Von Goethe who once said:

“You can never understand one language until you understand at least two.”



The Department of Languages at B.A.M Khalsa College helps students to build knowledge of the content and method of literary studies. Department of languages will impart academic excellence and empower the students of the college through the best level of education. It also inculcates ethical and moral values in students. The Department of Languages develops strong bonding between students and their mother tongue. All the teachers who are associated with the department work efficiently to achieve excellence in their respective area of study.


*The department of languages aims at transforming the students into the rational human beings with an inquisitive bent of mind through literary, theoretical and linguistic teaching.

*Promotion of human rights and responsibilities.

*To unfold hidden talents of the students and enhance their competitive skills.

*Efforts are made to raise the intellectual level of the students through seminars, webinars, debate, poetry recitation competitions.

*The all-around development of students in languages including Punjabi, English, Hindi.

*Introduce the students to languages through culture and connect them with heritage.



*The students get to know and understand about languages in a better way.

*The languages course program helps students to understand society.

*All round development of various aspects of students like physical, intellectual, mental, ethical, moral, social, aesthetic etc.

*To impart knowledge to the students about different forms of Punjabi, Hindi and English Literature.

* Develop knowledge and realization about the changing realities of life.



Prof.Jaspal Singh

 M.A.,M.Phil. HOD & Associate Professor

Dr.Arvinder Singh

M.A.Ph.D.,PGDSM (NIS)Assistant Professor

Prof.Navdeep Singh

M.A.,B.Ed.,UGC-NET Assistant Professor

Prof.Ritu Singh

M.A.,B.ED.,M.Phil., UGC-NET Assistant Professor



M.A(English),B.Ed., M.Ed. Assistant Professor 

Dr.Kanwaljit Kaur

M.A.,B.Ed.,UGC- NET,Ph.D. Assistant Professor

Prof.Sandhya Virdi

M.A(Punjabi),B.Ed.  Assistant professor