Criterion Documents
Key Indicator- 1.1 Curricular Planning and Implementation
  Student’s Orientation
Academic Calendar (University)
Academic Calendar (College)
Time Table
Lesson Plan (Odd Semester)
Lesson Plan (Even Semester)
Course File
Continuous Internal Evaluation
Key Indicator- 1.2 Academic Flexibility 
Affiliation Letters and notices of Jagat Guru Nanak Dev Punjab State Open University
Results of students of Jagat Guru Nanak Dev Punjab State Open University
Attendance Record of Jagat Guru Nanak Dev Punjab State Open University
Affiliation Letters and notices of NPTEL Courses
Results of students of NPTEL Courses
Key Indicator- 1.3 Curriculum Enrichment 
1.3.2Field Work, Internship, Project Work (FieldVisit, Training and Internship.pdf)
1.3.3MoU Signed related to Field Work, Internship, Project Work (MoU Training.pdf)
Key Indicator- 1.4 Feedback System 
1.4.1Sampled Filled Feedback Forms
1.4.2Feedback analysis report 2021-22
1.4.3 Feedback analysis report 2020-21
1.4.4 Feedback analysis report 2019-20
1.4.5 Feedback analysis report 2018-19
1.4.6 Feedback analysis report 2017-18
1.4.7Action Taken Report 2021-22, 2020-21, 2019-20, 2018-19, 2017-18
Criteria 2- Teaching- Learning and Evaluation  
Key Indicator- 2.1 Student Enrolment and Profile 
2.1.1.Seats Sanctioned and Students Admitted
2.1.1.Students Return
2.1.1.Sanctioned Strength Letters
2.1.2.Number of seats earmarked for Reserve Categories
2.1.2.Reservation Letter issued by the state govt
2.1.2.Category wise Students Admitted List
Key Indicator- 2.2 Student Teacher Ratio 
Key Indicator- 2.3Teaching- Learning Process 
2.3.1Experiential Learning
2.3.1Group Discussion
2.3.1Paper Presentation
2.3.1Poster Presentation
2.3.1Participative Learning
2.3.1Poem Recitation
2.3.1Guest Lecture
2.3.1Problem Solving
2.3.1Performing Art
2.3.1.ICT Enabled Classroom
Key Indicator- 2.4 Teacher Profile and Quality 
2.4.1Full Time Teachers
2.4.1Full Time Teachers working against sanctioned post
2.4.2.List of Teachers with Ph.D.
2.4.2.List of Teachers with NET
Key Indicator- 2.5 Evaluation Process and Reforms 
2.5.1Mode of Frequency of Internal Examination
2.5.1Academic Calendar of Panjab University
2.5.1Academic Calendar of the College
2.5.1Internal Assessment Proforma
2.5.1Examination related Grievances Redressed
Key Indicator- 2.6 Student Performance and Learning Outcome 
2.6.1PSOs and POs for various programmes
2.6.1POs and PSOs Attainment Flow Chart
2.6.1.Course File
2.6.2Annual Report 2021-2022
2.6.2Result of Final year pass out students
Key Indicator- 2.7 Student Satisfaction Survey
Criteria 3- Research, Innovations and Extension  
Key Indicator 3.1 Resource Mobilization for Research 
Key Indicator 3.2Innovation Ecosystem 
3.2.1Report of IIC, patents filed etc.
3.2.2Workshops/seminars/conferences on Skill development, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) etc.
Key Indicator 3.3Research Publication and Awards 
3.3.1Research Papers Published per teacher in the Journals
3.3.2Books/chapters in books/conference proceedings
Key Indicator 3.4 Extension Activities 
3.4.1Extension Activities 2017-2022
3.4.2Awards and recognitions for extension activities
3.4.3Extension and outreach programs NSS/NCC/Red ribbon club etc
Key Indicators 3.5 Collaboration 
3.5.1Activities without MoU
3.5.1MoU Activities 2021-22
3.5.1MoU activities 2020-21
3.5.1Internship B.ED 2021-22
3.5.1M.Com summer training 2018-19
3.5.1M.Com summer training 2017-18
Criterion 4 – Infrastructure and Learning Resources  
Key Indicator – 4.1 Physical Facilities 
4.1.2Percentage of expenditure, excluding salary for infrastructure augmentation
during last five years(INR in Lakhs)
4.1.4Audit 2022-17
Key Indicator – 4.2Library as a learning Resource 
Key Indicator- 4.3 IT Infrastructure 
Key Indicator – 4.4 Maintenance of Campus Infrastructure 
4.4.1Percentage of expenditure incurred on maintenance of infrastructure (physical
and academic support facilities) excluding salary component during the last five
years (INR in Lakhs)
Criterion 5- Student Support and Progression  
Key Indicator- 5.1 Student Support 
5.1.1SCHOLARSHIPS 2017-22
Key Indicator- 5.2 Student Progression 
Key Indicator- 5.3 Student Participation and Activities 
5.3.1Sports Cultural 2017-22
Key Indicator- 5.4 Alumni Engagement 
5.4.1ALUMINI-1 2017-22
Criterion 6- Governance, Leadership and Management  
Key Indicator- 6.1 Institutional Vision and Leadership 
6.1.1.Institutional Vision and Leadership (supporting document)
Key Indicator- 6.2 Strategy Development and Deployment
6.2.1.Perspective Plan Deployment
6.2.2.e-Governance Policy
6.2.2. e-Governance Proof
Key Indicator- 6.3Faculty Empowerment Strategies 
6.3.1 Welfare measures
6.3.1Performance Appraisal System for Staff FDP professional development /administrative training program
Key Indicator- 6.4 Financial Management and Resource Mobilization 
6.4.1Audit Reports
Key Indicator- 6.5 Internal Quality Assurance System 
6.5.1 IQAC initiatives-Reports of Seminars, workshops and FDPs
6.5.1 IQAC MOUs and collaborations
6.5 Imparting Soft Skills for Success at the workplace
6.5.2 Accreditation Certificate NAAC,ISO etc.
Criterion7–Institutional Values and Best Practices  
Key Indicator – 7.1Institutional Values and Social Responsibilities 
Key Indicator – 7.2 Best Practices 
Key Indicator – 7.3 Institutional Distinctivenessclick