Department of Physics

About the Department

The Physics Department of the college was established in 1998. The department started M.Sc. Physics from the session 2016. The department provides a very vibrant and dynamic academic ambience with effective tutorial work, discussions and seminars. The department facilitates opportunities for higher studies and placements.

Courses offered

  1. Classical mechanics
  2. Quantum mechanic
  3. Mathematical physics
  4. Electronics
  5. Statistical mechanics
  6. Classical electrodynamics
  7. Nuclear physics
  8. Condensed matter physics

Special Features of the Department

*Highly equipped laboratories with modern apparatus for B.Sc. and M.Sc. classes

*Regular arrangement of seminars and extension lecture by renowned university scholars and scientists to update the students with recent trends

*The faculty members of the department make significant contribution to administrative leadership and various institute activities and initiatives

*It explores new dimensions in teaching and learning and uses various platforms and methodologies.

*The department is always in the continuing process of strengthening the existing programs


*Provide the highest quality education to students, nurture their talent, promote intellectual growth and shape their personal development

*Remain dedicated and steadfast in the pursuit of truth

*To build a foundation for excellence and encourage the development of the institution as a premier institution by igniting enthusiasm, interest and passion.


*To create transformative educational experience for students

*Focus on deep disciplinary knowledge, problem solving, leadership, communication and interpersonal skills

*To promote exchange of innovative ideas across the disciplines through effective use of teaching learning methods, tools and techniques

*Our mission is to towards enhancing the employability of students of the college through continuous personality programs, workshops etc.

*To organize and sustain efficient operating systems in the Department for realization of our objectives as Institution of eminence and International standards.


*To make students confident and versatile problem solver who use physical intuition together with analytical and quantitative skills

*To develop a solid grasp of over concepts and application of core subjects

*To teach students how physics and other disciplines have impacted and continue to impact each other and society

*To engage students vigorously in further studies and variety of other lifelong learning opportunities