Department of Mathematics2


The Mathematics department at B.A.M. Khalsa College traces its history back to 1975, when mathematics was introduced as an elective subject in humanity discipline.Since its Inception, the department has made constant efforts to grow along with the Institution in order to cater the need of the dynamically developing world. The subject made a progression by becoming the core subject with the initiation of Basic Sciences in 1998. The department has been constantly upgrading itself, an example of which is the introduction of MSc (Mathematics) in 2016. At present, the competent mentoring team of the department offers both graduate and post graduate courses in mathematics. Besides the rigorous analytical subjects of pure mathematics, a number of laboratory-based practical courses are also incorporated in our post graduate curriculum. We believe in providing abundant opportunities to students which improve their organizational and leadership skills for handling various academic and co-curricular activities.


To create a benchmark in students centric learning environments and interdisciplinary research opportunities in order to foster a rich heritage of valuable alumni.




*To popularise the subject, several mathematics fairs, quizzes, fun games and exhibitions are to be featured in our annual academic calendar

*To organize off-campus educational tours and collaborating with Research centres for a first-hand experience in applied mathematics

*The faculty looks forward to achieving excellence by the means of pioneering technologies, Quality literature and state-of-the-art laboratories

*Introducing more statistical and computational programs to balance practical and theoretical aspects of the subject

*We anticipate launching new online courses to expand out of the conventional teaching practice.



With the intention to fulfil the vision and mission of the department, we are dedicated to:

*Build and sustain an environment that inculcates appropriate mathematical skills required for solving problems in real life context

*Developing deep understanding of core subjects like pure mathematics, enabling learners to effortlessly apply those apparently complex mathematical techniques

*Provide superlative education facilities to yield the potential of students by imparting optimum knowledge of the subject and encouraging questioning spirit

*Provide proper mentoring and counselling to students regarding higher education opportunities and emerging career prospects

*To bestow opportunities of participating in workshops, conferences and orientations to equip students with interpersonal skills and industry standard hands-on expertise

*To promote and popularise the ‘Queen of Sciences’ through interdisciplinary programmes and application based curriculum


Prof.Jaswinder Kaur

 M.Sc.,UGC-NET  HOD &  Assistant Professor

Dr.Preetinder Singh

 Ph.D.,CSIR JRCNET   Assistant Professor


  M.Sc(Honours),NET Assistant Professor



M.Sc. Assistant Professor

Prof. Pragti Bhanot

M.Sc(Mathematics)  Assistant Professor

Prof.Jatinder Kaur

M.Sc Assistant Professor