Principles of Sikhism

Naam Japna 

Remembering God through meditation all times a day and night during each and every activity

Kirat Karo 

Earning a livelihood by means of earnest, honest efforts and endeavors

Vand Chhakko 

Selflessly serving others, sharing income and resources including  foodstuffs or other goods


 The man of God rejects salvation. He wants only love of God and nothing else

Need of Guru

Almost all the great religions of the world emphasize the need of a preceptor or Guru or holy man for the attainment of salvation

Reading of Scriptures

Scriptures are our guides for action

They cannot fill the disciple with divine love

 The knowledge of Vedas does not bring liberation: “God is beyond the Vedas, beyond the holy books”. He can be found within the self by digging inward

Grace and Karma

The modification of Karma by grace is an essential principle of Sikhism

Karma is the cause of birth in this world but salvation can be obtained by His Grace

Caste and Sikhism 

Sikhism has no belief in cast

No man is born great or low

All colours and forms are thine

 A person of high caste is worse than one of the lowest caste if he does not meditate on the Name of God


According to Sikh religion, pilgrimage confers no spiritual benefit. All Gurus have tried to remove the wrong notion of the efficacy of pilgrimage

The Concept of Woman

The Gurus held woman in high esteem. So with the rise of Sikhism, woman gained in dignity and social position.

Of a woman we are conceived,
Of a woman we are born,

Why should we consider women cursed and condemned,
When from woman are born leaders and rulers.
(Rag Asa, I)