Parent-Teacher Association of Babbar Akali memorial Khalsa college Garhshankar, named BAMKC-PTA is a registered society that has been constituted with the purpose of uplifting the quality of education by the mutual cooperation of both parents and teachers. The primary objective of PTA is the welfare of students which is accomplished by creating a better understanding between parents and teachers. Thus, PTA provides a structure through which parents can work together with the teachers for the best possible education of their wards.


  1. To promote the welfare of students in the college.
  2. To create better understanding between parents and teachers.
  3. To sensitize the parents in their wards and the college by watching the necessary awareness among them.
  4. To work for the improvement of the college with the involvement of parents & teachers.
  5. To help parents and teachers to adapt themselves to the creating concepts of society.


  1. To help the parents to understand the college programme by arranging open days at college when parents can visit the college and observe their children at work.
  2. To arrange for frequent general meetings where parent teacher consultation is possible in a group as well as individually.
  3. To prepare a programme which can increase cooperation between college and community and can create better mutual understanding between parents and teachers.
  4. To provide various opportunities to parents and teachers to meet on equal footing, and discuss problems of their children.
  5. To arrange for social get-together and programmes of recreation for parents and teachers.


S. No



1 Dr.Baljit Singh President
2 Dr. Manbeer Kaur Vice- president
3 S.Tirath Singh Mann Senior- Vice President
4 Sh.Yograj Gambhir Secretary
5 Dr. Harwinder Kaur Joint- secretary
6 Prof. Preet Inder Kaur Treasure
7 Prof. Monika Chetal lamb Executive member
8 Prof.Gurpreet Singh Kalsi Executive member
9 Smt.Kamaljeet Kaur Executive member
10 Sh.Dinesh Kumar Executive member
11 Sh. Gurmail Singh Executive members


This Association will be purely educational, non-commercial, non-sectarian and non-political. It will not seek to interfere in the administrative matters of the college.


All the funds of the Association will be deposited in the Bank/Post Office in the name of College P.T.A. and an account operated by the President, Secretary and Treasurer of the P.T.A. The money will be with-drawn by the joint signatures of any two of the above mentioned three office bearers. All the funds will be utilized for the welfare of the college and community as per the Executive Committee sanctions Provided that the President of the Association is empowered to spend 5000/- in case of emergency but for the expenditure Ex-post facto approval has to be taken from the Executive Committee within 60 days.


Every parent of a student in the college and all teachers of the college will be a member of the Association by paying at least Rs. 100/- per annum, Any new criteria related with the membership fees will be discussed in the next annual general meeting.A parent will cease to be a member of Association whose ward leaves the college provided that in the case of parents whose one or more children will be studying in the college will pay only Rs. 100/- as membership per annum.



On behalf of the parents who are member of the PTA B. A. M. Khalsa College, Garhshankar, I would like to reinforce our sport to the principal and faculty for working together for the collective future of our child. We understand that the times are rough and giving the benefit of full attention on academic curriculum plus extracurricular activities is very difficult. We extend our total Correspondence to the teachers to ensure that the students obtain the fruits of their collective labour. We promise to strengthen the hands of the faculty by maintaining focal interest in the academic session of our wards.

Waheguru Ji Da Khalsa

Waheguru Ji Di Fateh

 Tirath Singh Mann

                                                                                                  Senior- Vice President

                                                                                                  PTA-BAMKC, GSR



Dear Parents,

We are facing challenging times these days which are testing the ability, patience and tolerance of all, especially parents and teachers. The routine of students has been converted to online classes and assignments. We, the teachers of BAM Khalsa College, are sparing no effort to ensure that each of our students is working with total sincerity with their teachers. Towards this end, the college authorities have initiated certain interactive   webinars and interactive sessions of the students with world- renowned experts on a number of issues concerning the growth of the students. Till such time the situation of direct communication is resumed and students can safely come to college, We the faculty and staff of the college reinstate our commitment to the students. In return, we respect the contribution of the parents and solicit their collaboration in ensuring a bright future of our children.

Sat  Shri Akal


Dr. Manbeer  Kaur

Vice President