Department of Education2


The department of Education was started in the year 2017 with Four year Integrated Courses B.A.B.Ed/B.Sc.B.Ed in regular mode under semester system. The faculty of department is actively engaged in application of educational technology in teaching with aim to make the prospective teachers technology oriented to face the challenges of modern scenario.


To prepare prospective teachers to face the new challenges of educational field in context to teaching at elementary and secondary school stage through sound knowledge base, human values and enhanced professional skills, there by being one of the centres of excellence in teacher education.



*To prepare dedicated, efficient and competent teachers

*To equip student teachers with the use of advanced educational technology

*To inculcate human values among would be teachers

*To collaborate with stakeholders of teacher education to bring quality and excellence

*To unfold the hidden talent of the students and enhance their competitive skills

Courses offered

  1. Humanities (social sciences and Languages)
  2. Science (Medical and Non medical)
  3. Value and Sustainable development
  4. Philosophical, Sociological ,Psychological and Technological bases of Education
  5. Guidance and Counselling
  6. School Community Participation
  7. Curriculum Development
  8. Health and Yoga Education
  9. Educational Research and Statistics
  10. School Management
  11. Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Key Skills and Core Competencies

*Life Skills Training (Skill of communication, Creative thinking, Decision making, Problem solving, Social relations, Team work, Critical thinking, Self management, Stress management)

*Professional Development Skills (Orientation for Teacher Eligibility Test)

*Fine Arts Skills

*Micro Teaching Skills

*Yogic Skills

*Value Inculcation Programme


Internship Programme

*Pre internship programme (Phase 1, 2 Weeks)

*Pre internship programme (Phase 2, 2 Weeks)

*Pedagogy Practice and Internship Programme (16 weeks)

Field Visits

*Visit to school for SWOT Analysis

*Visit to School for Exceptional Children

*Visit to an area of Migratory population

*Visit to Guidance and Counselling centres

Our Faculty Members

Dr.Sangha Gurbaksh Kaur

M.Com.,M.Ed.,UGC-NET,Ph.D.Assistant Professor

Prof.Preetinder Kaur

M.Com.,M.Ed.,UGC-NET Assistant Professor

Prof.Naresh Kumari

M.A(History,Punjabi) M.Ed.,UGCNET, Ph.D.Pursuing Assistant Professor

Prof.Kiranjot Kaur

M.A(English),M.Ed.,  UGC-NET Assistant Professor