The main objective of Examination Committee is to carry out examinations, publish results of internal and external examinations. Keeping the record of each and every issue related to the examination and organizing workshops and seminars for the improvement of the examination system are also the responsibilities of this Committee. The Examination Committee plans and organizes all internal as well external examinations in the college. The Examination Committee of the College is formed with the following members under the chairmanship of Principal.

Prof. Gurpreet Singh Kalsi

Department of Commerce & Economics


[email protected]
Prof. Jaswinder Kaur

Department of Mathematics

[email protected]
Dr. Mukesh Sharma

Department of Chemistry

[email protected]
Dr. Arvinder Kaur

Department of Social Sciences & Languages

[email protected]
Prof. Preetinder Kaur

Department of Education

[email protected]
Dr. Ajay Dutta

Department of Computer Science and Applications

[email protected]
S. Gurdev Singh

College Admin Office

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  • To prepare relevant Date sheet of Internal College Examinations.
  • To make policies regarding holding different examinations and shall make Seating Arrangement and display them on the concerned Notice Board/Website and Blocks.
  • To suggest Principal to appoint faculty and staff for smooth conduct of Examinations.
  • To hold pre-exam meetings to brief the members of faculty with regard to the examination procedures and prepare budget of expenditure.
  • To hold Centre Committee meeting of PU CHD Final Exams with the external and internal members.
  • To analyse the College exam results and the same shall be verified by the respective HODs. After due verification, copies of the result analysis shall be sent to HODs and the Principal.
  • To ensure that the entire exam related documents reach the university in time.
  • Any Circular, Guideline, Office Order, Notification issued by PU, CHD is processed in the Examination Cell; reply thereof prepared and after Principal’s signature dispatched or circulated to the concerned Departments.