The college is co-ed and has a significant proportion of female students in all of the courses. A comprehensive structure is in place to address the safety and security concerns of female students and staff:

CCTV Observation: The administrative office, the library, and the whole campus are all under constant CCTV surveillance. The recordings can be recovered after a 7-day preservation period.

Security Staff: The institution’s security staff keeps an eye out for any safety and security issues, especially for female professors and students. There are plenty of security guards stationed at the main gate, and around the college ground. Students are not permitted entry without proper I-Cards. After the entry reason has been verified, visitors are only permitted. The institution’s discipline committee supports and advises the security team in its work. The committee members are given responsibilities to prevent any undesirable behaviour from occurring on campus.

 The Security & Surveillance Committee

The Security & Surveillance Committee of the College is formed with the following members under the chairmanship of Principal:

Responsibilities of Security & Surveillance Committee:

  1. Dr. Gurpreet Singh Kalsi: Co-ordinator
  2. Prof. Naresh Kumari: Member
  3. Prof. Kavita: Member
  4. Prof, Harpreet Kaur: Member
  5. Dr. Ajay Dutta: Member
  6. Mr. Parminder Singh: Member
  7. S. Gurinderjit Singh: Member
  • To ensure the safety and security of College students, employees, and visitors.
  • To submit report of security employees quarterly.
  • To install surveillance at various places to cover all security points within college budget.
  • To ensure the safety of girl students and female faculty & staff.
  • To ensure all surveillance cameras are in working conditions during 24 hours.
  • To make sure the security of campus from various point of views.
  • To install fire Extinguishers at various sensitive places within college budget.