Education should bring in moral and ethical values for well-being of learners and every educator and educating institutions should strive hard to bring in the core human values in the process of learning and focus on quality approach to ensure better living with better educated countrymen. Discipline as the bridge between goals and accomplishment ensures strict rules and regulations for students on behalf of discipline committee.

The Discipline and Student Welfare Committee of the College is formed with the following members under the chairmanship of Principal:

  1. Prof. Jaspal Singh: Co-ordinator
  1. Prof. Lakhwinderjeet Kaur, Member
  1. Dr. Arvinder Kaur: Member
  1. Prof. Sangha Gurbaksh Kaur: Member
  1. Prof. Raideep Singh: Member
  1. S. Parminder Singh: Member
  1. S. Lakwinder Singh: Member


  1. To create a safe and motivating environment in our institution and to bring professionalism among students by the inculcation of best practices
  2. To have an optimistic approach in imparting discipline among students.
  3. To frame rules and regulations to maintain discipline in the college premises.
  4. To encourage Good and Healthy Practices.
  5. To maintain and enforce strict discipline within the college campus.
  6. All the students should wear their ID Cards while they are in the campus and their respective class rooms.
  7. In case of any violation of dress code or disturbance in the class, the ID card will be confiscated from the student which will be handed over to the student on the same day with a warning and advice from the Disciplinary Committee Members.
  8. In case of any misbehaviour or violation of the college rules, the ID cards of the students will be kept with the Disciplinary Committee Members till the enquiry is over.
  9. To enforce total prohibition of cell phone usage by the students in the classroom.
  10. To monitor the movement of the students in the college and prevent students loitering around in the corridors during the college working hours.
  11. To ensure that students maintain complete silence in the library.
  12. To maintain proper discipline in the college canteen and student waiting room during the college working hours.
  13. If any damage is caused to the college property by any student / group of students, the cost of the same will be recovered with a fine from the said student / group and this will be followed by disciplinary action.
  14. If any indiscipline is found by any of the student, warn them on the first instance. Take disciplinary action based on the rules and regulations of the committee, if the pattern of misconduct continues.
  15. Reviewing the Institution rules for student behaviour and its policy and practices in relation to discipline.
  16. Supporting the development of strategies designed to promote and encourage good student behaviour.
  17. To ensure the implementation of necessary action for indisciplinary activity of the student.
  18. To examine the various measures taken for the welfare of students and recommend any further improvements, if required.
  19. Committee works for the welfare of the Students.
  20. The committee is responsible for student bus pass.
  21. Arrange Medical Check-ups, Tours… time to time for the students.
  22. To give Maximum benefits to the students through various welfare activities organized by the college authorities.
  23. To analyse and solve the problems of students regarding academic & Institutional activities.
  24. To ensure the coordination between Students, Parents & College authority.