Department of Chemistry

About the Department

Chemistry department was founded as the part of undergraduate science faculty inaugurated by Jathedar S. Gurcharan Singh Tohra ji, (Pardhan S.G.P.C.) on 2nd March, 1996 under the leadership of Principal Prof. Jaswant Singh sandhu. Later on, in August, 2014 the department has introduced Post Graduate Programme, M.Sc. Chemistry under the leadership of Principal Prof.Preet Mohinder Pal Singh. The department furnishes the opportunity for students to obtain comprehensive fundamental knowledge of all fields of chemistry such as organic, inorganic, physical, biophysical and analytical. It also provides students with laboratory experience in inorganic and organic synthesis, analytical methods and physical chemical measurements. Thus department of chemistry offers both theoretical and practical knowledge of chemistry.  Chemistry plays a key role in the studies of medicine, biology and technology. Chemistry department has close cooperation with other disciplines such as physics, mathematics and biology. Faculty members are available as academic advisors for consultation about their courses. They have a good rapport with the students. Faculty members motivate and guide students about various career opportunities. Frequent seminars, webinars have been organized for the benefit of teachers as well as students. Currently the department has three chemistry laboratories which are equipped with latest chemicals, apparatus and instruments.


The Department of Chemistry aspires to excel in chemical education and services. The faculty members are dedicated to excel in teaching. They are deeply engaged in production and dissemination of knowledge using modern pedagogy in the classroom. It is a goal of a faculty to instill in the student a sense of scientific enquiry that employs systematic and experimental approach.


The Department of Chemistry is committed to prepare competitive and professional graduates within an innovative and intellectually stimulating environment by offering high quality chemistry experiments, conduct basic and applied research of national and international impact and build proactive partnership with industries and offer effective training and technical services to the society. The Department of Chemistry pledges itself to encourage in the broadest and most liberal manner, the advancement of chemistry in all the branches through education, research and service mission.


*To furnish a comprehensive foundation in chemistry that emphasizes scientific reasoning and analytical problem solving capability

*To provide student with the requisite skills for achieving success in academics and in forthcoming careers opportunities

*To provide a broad exposure to students about various experimental techniques

*To make the department a thriving center of excellence in teaching and promoting chemistry

*Department aims at chemistry outreach in the form of books and other chemistry education activities that illustrates role of chemistry as central science

*To make the students aware of the application of scientific principles, chemistry in particular, to societal issues