Department of Social Sciences

About the Department

The Department of History, Political Science and Physical Education was established in 1969 in the College. These departments offered Undergraduate B.A Programme. In 2014, the Post-Graduation in History was started and in 2017 Music department came into being. These were independent departments till 2020, but in January 2021 these departments were collaborated in one department and the name of the department changed to Department of Social Sciences. Thus, now the Department of Social Sciences offers B.A. course in History, Political Science, Physical Education, and Music and Post-Graduation in History. Our courses and programmes of study inquire into the human condition and are designed to foster analytical and theoretical skills necessary to evaluate diverse social relations. The faculty of the department enjoys working with students in enhancing their academic potential through various activities like visiting various historical sites, organizing quizzes, seminars, historical plays, debates and inspire them to participate in social activities. Apart from this, they were given assignments on different topics of history. The department is committed to instill ethical and social values in the students to make them good citizens and to inculcate feeling of patriotism in them.


The Vision of Social Science department is to develop in students the skills that promote Inter-disciplinary of human society and human world through teaching, research and social activities.


The mission of Social Science department is to produce and disseminate knowledge, to research, study and educate the students in Social Sciences, Social Activities and related fields to inculcate ethical values and principles like human dignity, respect for human rights and social responsibility through quality education.


*To develop skills in critical thinking and reading and to develop the ability to construct reasonable historical argument

*To understand the wide range of historical information and explain historical continuity and change

*To increase knowledge of diverse political system around the world, including political system, institutions and processes and the changing domestic and global contexts within which they operate

*To increase recognition of the major problems the leading policies and the legal issues

*Develop health related fitness habits which can be practical lifelong so as to prevent degenerative diseases.